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Chris Luff

CEO, Watford and West Herts Chamber of Commerce

For 30+ years I have witnessed the rising demand for corporate social responsibility. If you do not have strategic planning for your CSR initiatives, you’re falling behind the times and missing opportunities to earn customer loyalty and grow your business. In a 2016,in a report published by Statista Research Department, UK C-suite executives interviewed listed “demonstratable CSR” as one of the leading concerns of their customers.

Let me ask you, what socially responsible actions do customers associate with your brand? If the list is short, I can help…

My consultation provides you with a stakeholder analysis, assessment of corporate values, and guidance on the best way forward to communicate these values to your community. Ideally CSR design is forward-looking, meaning we work together to determine actions that will benefit your customers and your bottom line. However, my CSR guidance can also lead you to the most appropriate response to a public crisis.

Socially responsible actions yield benefits money cannot buy. If you are looking to generate more positive business outcomes.