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As A Business Leader Have You Got The Scaffolding You Need?

It might sound a bit strange if you aren’t in the construction industry to suggest you need ‘scaffolding’, but now it’s an accepted leadership coaching term and it clearly defines the structural framework and support all leaders need, whether in business or any other area where leadership is involved.

During the last difficult 18 months we’ve spoken to over 1000 business leaders and senior executives on what their top five challenges or concerns have been. Feeling overwhelmed with everything came out on top, resulting in many being too focused on the problems around them and not the solutions ahead of them.

Most wanted to be around their peers with similar issues so that know how, knowledge and experience could be shared amongst them. Many struggled balancing hiring and scaling up with revenue growth and cash flow. Adapting and trying to keep up with the pace of change was also a challenge.

The simple reality is that no business leader needs to feel isolated, there really is so much support and help out there. As a leader you need to find the right formula for you. Networking groups can provide camaraderie and some support, occasionally meeting somebody who has some timely nuggets of advice. Business Coaches give some fantastic one to one support and guidance but you must choose the right one for you, so ask to speak to their existing clients. Be mindful that any coach works to your agenda and not to their own. It is important you find someone who is totally driven by your success, not by their monthly billing!

Peers Groups aren’t for everybody, they can only work for you if you’re comfortable giving and receiving constructive advice freely. You need to truly believe that investing half a day a month to invest in your development is worthwhile. Getting the perspective from 10 Peers who have the battle scars, the know how and actually wear the T-shirt every day can be amazing and transformative.

Choose the right group, with strong content and again speak to the existing members. All business leaders need scaffolding around them to help them grow individually and to help their business and their staff be the best they can be. Choose the right model for you whether it’s a great networking group (light touch) one to one coaching (heavy touch) or a Peer Group (mid point). The important thing is not to try to do it alone, get some scaffolding around you and your business.

John Acton, Peer2Peer

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