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A library of resources to guide you on your road to recovery.

Covid-19 has affected organisations in ways that could not have been anticipated and, even now, as we’re experiencing a relaxation of lockdown, there is still much uncertainty to come.

Stay ahead of your competitors

It’s likely that you and your competitors will come out of lockdown at the same time, and it’s clear that those businesses that are best prepared will hold the advantage. What you do now will be critically important to the recovery and success of your business.

Even in such a short period of time, the world that we’re returning to is far different to the one we left. Have you been asking yourself any of the below questions with the thought of returning to business as usual?

  • What should we say to our staff and how should we say it?
  • How do we support our workforce?
  • What do we tell our customers and suppliers?
  • Will our customers and suppliers need to change?
  • Will we need to change?
  • How do we recruit and train new staff?
  • What do we need to do to return to work?

Aston Lark wants to help you get through these tough times and ensure you make a full operational recovery. We’ve created a ‘Road to Recovery’ toolkit, identifying five key steps to recovery:

  1. Communication (what, when and how you tell your staff, customers and suppliers).
  2. Safety (how you can keep your staff and customers safe).
  3. Financial Support (ensure you’re making use of all the support available).
  4. Return (what you need to physically do to return to work and in what order).
  5. Adapt (how to consider different ways of doing things to adapt to the new world).

The toolkit includes useful resources, checklists, templates and exclusive offers for Aston Lark clients.

Access the toolkit here.

Free access available for you

Get free access to our Aston Lark Safety Solutions portal until 1st October. The cloud-based portal brings together information on Covid-19, unlimited access to 16 Health & Safety e-learning courses as well as an Ask The Expert feature, which enables you to ask any H&S or HR related question and receive a response within 24 hours.

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If you want to know more about the Road to Recovery toolkit or are interested in becoming a client of Aston Lark, visit www.astonlark.com/sme.

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